Twin sisters marry twin brothers on the same day and live in the same house

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Ah the wedding day. The date so special, awaited, expected, crafted and cared for with such zeal, love and affection! One of the thousands of weddings that take place every day has gained a special highlight, and it could not be otherwise, the amount of coincidences that surround these love stories is so unique that you can almost guarantee it would be the only story of its kind.

Two identical twin sisters married two brothers, also identical twins, on the same day and went to live under one roof. Yes, in addition to a common day party, they also spent the next few years living in the same residence. If it has a chance of working, the future will tell, but such a series of coincidences could not be beaten, even in the eyes of the press.

The brothers are Josh and Jeremy, their wives Brittany and Briana Deane. The story of coincidence between them happens from the moment they met. In the same event at the same time. It is really hard to believe that anything like this ever happens or that at some point it happens to another couple.

After having their love stories started together, the ‘united family’ motto has never been more alive, as the rest was planned, such as the decision to marry and live together in the same residence.

Despite the many obstacles they reported encountering each other in their relationships, thankfully the marriage came out and all the rest of what was planned worked out until the great day of the union arrived. Anyway, a unique story of happily ever after.

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