95-year-old twins say lots of beer and few men are key to longevity

With their beer cans in hand and provision for another year well served on barley, these sisters made it clear that they will live much longer.

While some live a life concerned with weight, health, and a good diet, these 95-year-old sisters rejected all these theories.

Almost 100 years old, they claim that to reach such a long age, you only need a lot of beer, eat sausages and let go of your libido.

Long age gives us clear proof that we may need to pay attention to them, as it is not a theory. They are 95 years old and look quite healthy with their beers in hand.

Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday are the oldest twins in Britain and, they say, all owe it to Guinness, a renowned beer brand. But not only that, because they also ensure that sexual abstinence is part of your daily mantra for a long life.

The two sisters are popular on Facebook, where they share their adventures and games daily. It is impossible not to be filled with tenderness when we talk about elderly women drinking beer and enjoying life.

During the This Morning of ITV TV show, journalists asked them what was the key to living so many years and best to be so healthy. Without thinking, they just said, ‘No sex and a lot of Guinness.’

Upon returning to the dressing room, they found many cans of liquid that claim to be their source of eternal life, which usually accompany raw bread and sausages inside.

«Apenas pegue uma salsicha e coloque no seu pão. É bom… ou pode cortar uma em dois e colocá-la na boca! » .-Lilian Cox

Portanto, você não deve se preocupar em tomar remédios e comer muitos vegetais para envelhecer bem; é melhor tomar cerveja e relaxar enquanto come um pão com salsichas.

Agora são 95, mas talvez você possa alcançar mais.

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