7 Programs Your Baby Can Watch

Admit it: you’ve already entertained your baby with the television, phone or tablet just to be able to do something.

Although there is no pediatric consensus on this subject, it is a fact that the images of these devices catch the attention of little ones from an early age. So if you allow this activity, it is better to choose good content options.

The vision of babies only begins to become clear from six months of age. Before that, they only see blurred images, but colorful drawings, sound stimuli and moving images already catch the attention of the little ones.

About 70% of babies watch TV, often content inappropriate for their age, even if they are not yet able to understand what they are watching.

According to the latest update from the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies under 18 months should not be in front of the screens. Other experts, however, do not consider exposure to be harmful as long as time is controlled by parents. For the American Society of Pediatrics, there is no scientific proof that content made especially for children can develop their skills. On the other hand, research has shown that when adults watch and interact with their children between 15 months and two years old are able to gain new learning.

Regardless of how access to baby drawings takes place in your family, in an increasingly connected and stimulating world, you must be prepared to select good content for your little one. That’s why we prepared you some options that can be seen on TV, in apps or on internet streaming services:

#1 Berenstain Bears

The Berenstain Bears are a bear family, “a lot like people, only more so.” Sister and Brother Bear are in elementary school and learn lessons about things like being kind and responsible. The show can seem a little too goody-goody now and then, but it never gets annoyingly so.

#2 Dora the explorer

Dora is a girl who, with each new episode, has the help of the little ones to complete their adventure. Drawing can stimulate the development of children's speech, as the character talks to the children, asking them to answer questions, show objects and repeat words in another language. It's also a hit, with lots of themed toys for little ones.

#3 Curious George

Watching Curious George soothes the tired parent’s soul. George is best for younger kids, since most of what the show focuses on are simple lessons like learning shapes, numbers, and colors. But honestly, I would watch it without my twins.

#4 Oliver

Oliver is a curious and cheeky little monkey who wants to try everything. Because of its characteristics, the character in this baby cartoon introduces basic and familiar concepts to little ones, such as geometric shapes, colors, sizes, quantities and more. Oliver shows all this several times, but in different situations so the little one can assimilate.

#5 Wonderballs

Each of these colored balls has unique skills such as painting, making songs or blowing soap bubbles. When they come together, adventures happen, giving the little sound and visual stimuli that help develop creativity, while learning the importance of teamwork.

#6 Peppa Pig

This British cartoon is a true phenomenon worldwide! Despite having several animals, the star is Peppa, which, along with his family, stars in many very peculiar situations, such as playing in the mud. The character has inspired toys, clothes and games for preschoolers.

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