10 Things Mothers of Twins Hear the Most

In today’s post I will talk about the things I hear most about being a mother of twins.

Since I got the news that I was expecting twins, the joy I felt was huge! The feeling of having two babies inside you is really amazing! But in addition to care being doubled, hormones are also doubled during pregnancy, meaning the sensitivity of a twin pregnant woman is ENORMOUS!

With the arrival of our long-awaited twins , the difficulties also arrived, because we feel the need to give the exact same love and attention to both of them. We want, for example, to pick both of them up, especially when they cry at the same time.

Being a mother of twins is a gift, a wonderful blessing. I can’t imagine being a mother of one! They complete each other, keep company, play, fight, hug, kiss… And despite the work being doubled, you get double the love too. It is inexplicable!

Here are the 10 things I hear the most about being a mother of twins!

1) Do you have twins in the family or was it treatment?
That is really question number 1!

Absolutely EVERYONE asks! The truth is, you may not have twins in your family, have no treatment, and become pregnant with twins. In my case, I was treated and had no problem talking, I am totally well resolved on this point. But many mothers are uncomfortable with such questions and I completely understand them!

2) You know you won’t have life anymore, right?

Wow, thank you so much for cheering me up… When you are pregnant with twins, besides being anxious to know the new world of motherhood (in my case were the first children), you are also afraid of what awaits you… That’s the kind of thing no one would like to hear, after all, there’s nothing more wonderful than being a mother of twins!

3) Are they identical?

(I have a couple) This is a question I hear a lot. A couple of twins, however, can never be identical! After all, the sexes of the two babies are already different, right? #hereisatip

“Non-identical twins are formed by the fertilization of two eggs by two sperms. In fact, they may or may not have the same sex and are equivalent to two pregnancies that develop at the same time and in the same environment. Already univitelines or identical are formed when a single egg, fertilized by a single sperm, later undergoes a division. So identical twins necessarily have the same genetic background and same sex”, Drauzio Varela.

4) Will they be born premature?

It is more common, but not a rule. Studies say that in 55.5% of multiples pregnancies, babies are born before 36 weeks and are considered premature. The likelihood of twins being born prematurely is actually much higher than in single-baby pregnancies, but most of the mothers of twins I know have not delivered early. My children were born at 36 weeks and spent no time in the NICU to gain weight and develop. The good news is that advances in neonatal medicine are getting better and the prospect of a premature’s life is very high!

5) Is it a lot of work?

No, not at all… it’s quiet! I have a lot of free time… lol! Really, the work is huge. Each newborn has an average of 8 diaper changes a day, so at least 16 times in your day you will do this. Out to breastfeed, burp, bathe … All double! But, the reward is much greater! It is priceless to see your children growing up at the same time, but in different ways!

6) When one gets sick, does the other get sick too?

Not necessarily! Of course they are better suited to this, but it is not a rule! Here at home, my daughter is much sicker than my son. But, it also happened, her take a megavirus and he, no sign! This is because they change pacifiers to each other’s mouth all the time, sleep in the same room and live stuck together.

7) You closed the factory, right?

I do not have this answer yet! It is not because a person had twins that she can no longer have children! Studies says that mothers of multiples, especially those of the same sex, most often wait longer to think about getting pregnant again because of the high demand their children place. The gap between one pregnancy and another increases, but most have one more pregnancy!

8) Wow, I admire mothers of twins… With one I am already crazy!

I’m crazy, but it’s delicious crazy! It’s amazing how we adapt to everything! Practically all mothers of twins find it “simple” to take care of one, as they are used to doing everything folded! Only a mother of twins knows the hard work they give, but also the endless joys they offer us each day!

9) Do they sleep in the same room? I heard this is not good…

Hello? The identity of each is not related to the place they sleep! They spent the entire pregnancy together! Mine sleep in the same room and LOVE it! I don’t have the courage to separate them, I think I will do this only if they ask me! It’s funny, they talk in the crib before bed, sing, laugh…

10) What is it like to be a mother of twins?

Being a mother of twins is taking care of two babies at the same time, it takes help (at least one more person) in the beginning, having two babies crying at the same time and turning in two to calm them down is cutting 40 Nails at a time, changing 480 diapers a month, having a house full of toys, scheming and planning a routine that suits both of them… Only a mother of twins knows what it is like to see two babies interacting and playing, what is having two babies loving her! To be a mother of twins is to know each other’s differences and personalities, even though they were born on the same day, a few minutes apart. Being a mother of twins is knowing how it is possible to give love, affection and attention to those two little ones simultaneously. Only a mother of twins knows how tiring it is to physically and emotionally take care of them and not want to trade it for anything in this world!

Caio and Maia are my greatest and eternal loves!

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